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Before you do watch this video below

Visiting Canada was one of the nicest experiences we have ever had. 
For starters Niagara Falls. 
So much to learn and so many memories to hold on to.

I have decided to create a lap book to study this great country.
This lap book is great for all ages and specially if you are planning a trip to the country side.

For this layout I wanted something different.
I created the layout as a suitcase to make it more fun.

Here are more photos of our finished project

This project is all about learning the fun way.
I believe that kids learn better through visuals and hands on activities.
Instead of using clip arts I like adding real life pictures.
It takes me longer to find them but it is way better.
Specially if you are learning about a country.
Being said that.......I have also used things that relates to the kiddos.
For example,......the Inuit boy on the pictures below.

The inside of our lap book

Filled with decorations your kids can add anywhere they like. 
Color anyway they like this lap book becomes a work art
A creative project they will love to show everyone and talk about what they have learned. 

The front cover of the lap book

The back cover of the lap book
You will need a one file folder to complete this lap book. 

I have added lots of pictures of animals and snapshots of the country.
There are no answer inserts in this lap book only a layout that can be used 
with any book on Canada or unit of study.

Detailed instructions on how to put this project together will come on your

Please leave your comments and questions below.

I hope you all have a great time creating this project.....


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