Our Vegetable Garden

This year we have started our seedlings and it is about time to get planting.

We started to plant our veggies in containers of 10 and 5 gallons.
Half compost and half top soil with wood cuttings in them.

We have also started a compost pile and rain collecting barrels
 because this is something we are doing
as part of learning about managing a homestead and an overall garden.


Luckily we live in Florida were temperatures are not freezing.
So, we have no need of having a contained green house per say.


We also live in an area where there is a lot of wild life around us.
We often see birds of wet lands and lots of alligators and crocodiles near by. 
So, we have learned to live with these conditions around us.
(among the reasons we  do not have a pool)

Being said that we are loving our small vegetable garden and will keep 
posting pictures of our plants.

This is a story
To Be Continued...........................................

Our first Harvest was a Success

We started getting our salad bowls from the garden after our field trip.

Now, we are extending our beds further and starting to 
get some raised beds started for tap roots.

This bed is made from wood and will be filled with dirt and 
compost from our garden.

In here we are planting radishes, carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes and some 
condiments like rosemary and cilantro.