The Orchid Garden

Some plant vegetables gardens. Some plant miniature gardens or potted gardens
Whatever way you choose you can show your kids the world of plants 
Nurturing and be proud of their gardening success.

Video Tour of The Garden

Loving Earth and Nature for children at a young age 

Showing to care for plants is not only a botany lesson for your kids but lots of responsibility.
They will learn to care for plants with tender love and care.
Not to mention patience.

Here are some pictures of our garden and our close encounters with plants.

Orchids Care

We have a variety of plants in our yard.
However, we have become obsessed with orchids.
They seem very difficult to maintain but these little hands have proven otherwise.
We bought most of our orchids for a $1 at a local nursery. 
They were in very bad shape, reason why they were so cheap.
With time we have come to understand them
Here they are !!!!

Orchids are among the plants that need the most  care

We started our Orchid collection long ago.
I have to say.
It started to become very expensive.
Therefore, I started digging into other ways of growing our orchids
that could also teach my son something new.

So, we started to clone them and it has worked wonders.

Potted orchids, and other plants

Because we live in Florida, the temperatures here are very humid.
There are no freezing winters so we do not need to keep our orchids inside.

Even though they make awesome arrangements.
They are mainly outside just as you see them.
Eventually I would bring them in to display and place them outside
Orchids do suffer a lot when in pots for decorations.
Orchids on a piece of old wood with ferns and Spanish moss
We use a lot of left over wood to display them and Spanish Moss.
We personally love this because you can move them around your garden as you see fit.
I also like combining them with bromeliads.

Bromeliads tend to bring lots of mosquitoes during rainy season.
So they do need a lot of spraying and maintenance.
However, they make a really nice addition to your orchid garden or arrangements.


Part of maintaining the Orchid Garden is fertilizing it.
So we do this weekly and never miss on it.
This will ensure your orchids will bloom.

Behind all that there is a pond with colorful fish and every now and then a frog or two

The pond came as a great addition to our yard because we had a fish tank 
that was starting to get overpopulated by fish.
We added two ponds outside and here they stay.
We still breed some inside and then
bring them outside.

This is also part of our learning.
Knockdown Roses seem very resistant here in Florida.

From Orchids to growing roses and other tropical plants.
We really enjoy our garden and learn a lot from it.

A Personal Touch to our Small Garden

Besides this being our outside spot for learning about plants, birds and wild life.
It is also a retreat to relax and enjoy the weather.
We have a lot of wild life aroudn us and live close to the Everglades Park.
That being said, you might imagine what I am referring to when I say
wild life.

A sitting Place for afternoons
Here is how I also display my orchids year round. 
I like keeping them in their see through pots and just placing them in the entrance.

An entrance piece that reminds me of Hawaii