Visiting Coba

Visit the Coba ruins and you will be able to learn a lot about the Mayans.
Found in Mexico, you will have to drive here and entrance is free.
However, you must pay $45 pesos for your video camera.
if you want to video tape.

Bring nice walking shoes, protect your legs as much as possible.
I always like to bring those socks you wear up high to protect your legs.

Amazing climb ahead
120 steps up and down.
There is a rope in the center you can grab on.

Very hot but worthy.

Once you make it up top you can see the sacrificial stone where the Mayans made human sacrifices to their Gods.

Climbing down.
Child friendly
There to the right you can see the rope.
However we started using it on the way up and did not need it on the way. down.
Just watch your step as it can be very slippery.

You can also see other ruins along the way.
Do not touch trees as they can be poisonous.
Do not touch anything that falls from them either.

Take a closer look inside Coba