Magic Tree House. The knight at Dawn.

Working on Hands on Activities
Watch this Video to take a look inside at this and other lap book.
The first lap book I introduce in the video is the one for the Mummies but
if you fast forward you will be able to watch the part for the Knights at Dawn.
If you have never done a lap book before.
This will help you.

Loving our new collection of Magic Tree House by Mary Pope Osborne.
These books are super fun for second and third grade kids.

Here are some pictures of our activity pack.

Hands on Activities 29 pages long

Lap Book Pictures

Print PDF File and cut out each mini book

Get a Manila Folder and Fold in three parts

Add front page and in the back glue helmet. Print helmet page on cardboard so it can stand straight.
Tape  the cardboard insert to the edge of your manila folder and add an extra cardboard as well.

You will have to add cardboard inserts to your lap book to fit all mini books.
I added two and taped one to the side of my manila folder and another to connect to the cardboard.

Finish product with book

A little bit of hands on.
Your kids will be asked to recreate the feast Jack and Annie saw.

To download the Lap Book please click on the image below.

You may also find useful my activity pack.
It is 27 pages long .

It includes homophone activity Knight versus Night
Questions about the text.
Drawing activity.
Cutting and Pasting Activity on Compound words
Vocabulary words

More Pictures of our Hands On Activity Pack

Glue and Paste Activity

Compound Words


Get the Mummies in the Morning Lap book by Magic Tree House Free
By doing the following:

Send me pictures of your completed product.\
Please note that I will be posting whatever pictures you send me on my blog.
They will be public. So, do not send anything you do not feel comfortable with the world to see.

Hashtag me on Instagram #mscristinashop or #littlemozarts with your pictures.

That is all.
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