Ancient Greece

If you are using Classical Conversations
Story of the World Vol 1 for your homeschooling.
You will love this lap book!!!

It incorporates Ancient Grete and Greece in one bundle lap book.

Here are some pictures of our complete lap book.
Please note that we have different color paper because my son loves to personalize it but you may
print all in white.
I have also included a few extra decorations for your kids to glue along the sides.
You do not have to follow my pattern.
You can have them insert them anywhere in their lap book.

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Front Cover of Our Lap Book

Once you open it you will glue a series of extra hard sheets with see through tape.

You can take a closer look inside.
Please note there is no reader or activities or lesson plan to this download.
Only the lap book.
You will have to refer back to your studies or reading.

We use Story of the World Volume 1
you can use any other ancient history book.

Here are some of the Greek Gods and myths

I added a bit of the modern Greece like the flag.
Once you open that flap you kids will have to write about the flag and its meaning.

Different architectural features you kids should know about the Greeks.
Along with a map.

Take a tour inside some of the ancient history lap books in this video


To make your project easier and struggle free.
Please follow the following steps;

  1. Print everything.
  1. Cut everything.
  1. Make your folder and inserts ready to go.
  1. Start gluing mini books and flap books inside the folder.
  1. Add decorations anywhere you like.

When you download this product you will have these instructions with pictures attached in your file.