All About China Lap Book

Ancient China and China Lap Book Unit Study.
In our Unit Study on Ancient China we covered a few topics we had already done in our field trip. 
Since we can not go to China we decided to take Disney's version of the Forbidden City and Terracotta Army as our example.
In this Unit you will find:

Chinese Alphabet
Chinese Festivals
The Silk Road
Ancient Chinese Medicine
My Ancient Scroll
Chinese Emperors
Chinese Animals
Made in China
Mao Zedong
List of Communist Countries
Chinese Dynasties Timeline
Women in Ancient China
Chinese Food
Chinese Flag
China Map

Note that this is not a lesson plan for teachers it is just a lap book. 
You have to research about every topic there is to teach.

We had lots of fun with crafts and online activities.
We created a Wall of China paper model and made a few Chinese new Year crafts.
Fun super Fun!!!!

Here are some pics of the lap book I made for my son.
We covered Communism in China and Mao Zedong

Our Front Page. We print things in black and white but the Lap book is in color. 
Because of the massive amount of information you will teach. 
You will need to add two more extra cardboard pages upward and downward to fit it all. 
Here are the Pictures................

Pockets inside our Lap Book
Chinese Emperors will have inserts and a pictures of China's First Emperor
In the Landmark pocket you have pictures of the Terracotta Army, Forbidden City and Great Wall.

Talk briefly about Buddha and Confucius as it is part of Chinese Culture.
Included a Chinese Alphabet for your kids to write their name in Chinese.

Chinese Festivals: Talk about the Chinese new year

Talk about Mao Zedong, Communism and other Communist countries in the world

We made a Scroll in our Notebook. However, we rolled it and inserted it into our Chinese Scroll Pocket.

This activity I got from pinterest. Here is the link if you like to get ideas yourself.

Extra Online Resources

I also found these activities on the web that are useful when teaching this unit study

Create the Wall of China: Paper model for your kids to put together. 

Home school Den: This web site has a lot of China activities and a complete pack for older kids. We downloaded the Fact sheet for our Unit study.

Activity Village: This web site has a lot of crafty ideas that you can incorporate into your teaching. We decided to make the bamboo scroll for our unit study.

Pinterest: Definitely this is the new thing now. Here you will find completed projects and more ideas for this unit study. 

                                                     God Bless and have fun teaching!!!!!