Christopher Columbus Lap Book

I have just finished a new lap book on Christopher Columbus.
 We have learned about this already but I thought it would be nice to go back and review a few things. 
When it comes to history I like to move slowly but surely making sure things are memorized properly.
This lap book has black and white pictures, different from my other ones because I want my son to color them and make them unique.
It is 13 pages long and it has pockets for the following
The three ships
The new world
Columbus Legacy
A map you may incorporate
Finding Monetary Support
Round versus Flat
A New Way
Christopher as a Child
On the Water
Trouble at Sea
The Last Trip
Title Page

Along with this you receive a Reader. I like to have my son read and answer the questions after on the lap book

Pictures of our Day

Our Memory Work for Discovery of America and Christopher Columbus