Dry Erase daily sheets

When it comes to home schooling you should follow a curriculum, which means you will have to buy it, or you can have a combination of.
I have a combination of because it is boring for us to follow an specific curriculum on a daily basis. Doing so seems a bit risky as you don't want you kids to miss on daily fluency. So, instead of buying  books for concepts like Fact Families or spelling, I made these "dry erase dailies" and reuse them. It is cheaper (super)and it helps your child repeat and repeat until he gets proficient.
Using the  dry erase sheets on a daily basis it is a good way to safe on paper and clutter. I place them on a transparent sheet although you may also laminate them for better quality. They go over the following:
Days of the week
What day was yesterday
Month of the Year
Description of Current Weather

Dry Erase Daily . I added my own clip arts.

We decided to called these Betty and Bob (clip arts kids)
This is the dry erase version for Fact Families. This one for instance will have Daniel adding and doing fact family on a daily basis. It becomes easier since I have them set up the day before so he can get started early in the morning without my help. I have him get started and then check on his work while he is reading his Language Arts books.

Dry Erase Daily Math. A wheel of Fact Families
To download please follow this link