Chinese New Year

Happy New Chinese New Year

"Gung Hay Fat Choy" says The Owl

Celebrating Chinese New Year

As part of my Homeschool Music Class today. I had the kids work on a very simple project. The making of a Chinese rattle drum.

If you would like to do this activity in class. You will need the following materials:

Cardboard cut into circles
aluminum foil
sticks even pencils will do the trick

The result is

Chinese Rattle Drum

The kids can decorate it and write their names.

I had the class learn this song "Gung Hay Fat Choy" and mimic with hand symbols what the song signified.
Also I had one of the younger kids sing the Here Comes the New Year" using "Old Macdonald's" theme song and changing every animal for the animals of the Chinese calendar.

Here Comes the New Years Marching Around EIEIO
And this is the year of the Horse EIEIO
and a so and so  as the rest of the animals parade, the kids sing and use percussion intruments.