Homeschool " Must Have" Resources.

Daniel Reading 
Our Schedule on a normal reading morning. We dedicate each day to different subjects since Daniel is as young as five and we did some core curriculum over the summer, we have the luxury of flexibility. However we read everyday a bit and do some comprehension, but we dedicate other days to just Math and just Science.

Here are a few tips for encouraging reading and some resources that will help you get some free services from Public Libraries.

Money Money and Earning it for hard work

When it comes to reading this past summer I found very interesting that my local bank had a program for kids. TD Bank offered a dollar for every book read. What better reward that money itself.

Building Your Own Book Library

Finding resources and books for your kids to read is very expensive. I have been lucky enough to come across some used books in great condition at a great price. But, you will be able to find some resources at your hand without having to spend money if you have a library card and are able to find some public school supplies at your disposition.

Our Collection of Used Books

Here are some other resourceful places on the net where you can find some freebies for homeschoolers