Don't Postpone the Inevitable

Cut out from a Newspaper
When children start at a young age to read, they will be more likely to know reading at a first grade level by age five. That means that by Kindergarten they will already be a step ahead.
Let's face it we leave in a competitive world!!! and all parents want their children to be the first or among the first in their class.
Our Notebook
Simple short sounds can be taught as young as three, I have heard of cases that children learn to read through memorization of words, like the so called "Baby Can Read" series. I have tried it and it was very time consuming. I believed it was not realistic for everybody. So I waited patiently for Daniel to be at least three.

Why Three?? 
Sorting Out

Because I felt that was the age in which, once we started to read we were not stopping. In other words, there was no turning back.

My Thought

I believe all children are capable of starting to read by age three. Before this age I would suggest to teach your children the vocabulary and be able to start writing it on paper and sing it along. As a parent who has tried other methods I think the teaching of phonics is the easiest way, besides I am a believer of teaching concepts. When you teach a concept, children will apply it there on and that is what's important. 

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime"