Industrial Revolution Lap Book

The Industrial Revolution (1700's-1900's)

Here you will find a lap book that will have your class learning 
about the Industrial Revolution.

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Download Note booking Pages Now

Front View of Lap Book.


As part of this unit we added note booking pages
this allowed us to summarize all the information we learned into paragraphs.

We used our cursive handwriting because I wanted my son to 
get some practice. Actually, I believe that we have
used the note booking pages so much that 
we no longer like to write in print. 

If you take a closer look at our lap book we added
3D shapes and this was a fairly simple way to add dimension to our project.

For Instructions on how to make the 3D shapes. Click Here.

Vocabulary words
We added vocabulary words in the form of tools.

The inside view of this lap book

To complete this lap book you will need two file folders and three extra card stock papers.
We had card stock the same color (manila) so that was great for the overall design.

In the fist part of the lap book your class will learn about
the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in England (1750)
That section will need only one extra card stock.

The second half will teach your class about the Industrial Revolution
in America.
That section will need two extra card stock papers.

How to put this Lap Book together

I have provided instructions on how to put this lap book together. 
If you still do not understand or have any questions.
Please contact me or you may watch this video to help you out.

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