Inside Our Homeschool Room

Hello Friends and Welcome!!

Tour Our Homeschool Room This Year 2017

This year we have updated our Home school room. 
Since this is one of the smallest rooms in our Home.
 I have chosen very light colors to decorate it.
I have chosen blue gray as our focal point wall.
 The rest of the room was painted in bright white.
This wall has a huge window which I dressed with dark cherry bamboo shades. 

On one side of the room I have purchased a small white board. 
I placed this board not too high from the floor at a height that my son can reach. 
This board is used in our homeschooling by my son to take notes.
On the other side I have posted a blue pocket flashcard holder where we display our 
Classical Conversations memorization cards.

Curtain Rod Organization Idea

Right under this board I have a curtain rod with Ziploc bags. 
This servers as a storage solution and keeps our classroom clutter free.
We mainly store crayons, lap booking supplies and so forth.

Bookshelf Solution

Our bookshelf was a new addition this year. 
Again, I bought it as Office Max in the black antique color. 
This will hold our book collections.

Take a Tour to learn more on buying books on a budget

Drawer Organizer

This is a must have in our room.
 We store our daily interactive notebooks and lap books.
Pencils, papers and even some crafts.
This was again another Office Max purchase.

Dining Table as a Desk

I am using a regular dining table as my desk and home school writing station.
This table came with four chairs. 
However, I have utilized the other two in a different place around my home. 
To one side of the table I have my sitting area and office with lap top 
on the other side I have two ottomans that I purchased as The Family Dollar.
These are great for storing more supplies and sitting. 

Visual Board

I chose the wall behind our desk area to display another white board.
This was a garage sale find for just $10.00.
Great Buy!!!
We use one side to display our work and the other side for me to write.

In addition, I purchased this smaller black and white board which comes in handy 
for writing and doing spelling on a daily basis. 
I purchased it for just $1.00 at the same garage sale.

Decorating Touches

To decorated our room chairs I have chosen two dark chocolate pillows. 

A beautiful quote on a canvas given to me by my sister.
Which reminds me what family is all about finds its place above our drawer organizer.
I love it!!!

Piano in the Home School Room

As a pianist myself.
This was a piece of furniture we could not be without.
It serves as daily practice, singing and memorization for Classical Conversations.
Above the piano, a warm light lamp adds some mood to this area of the room at dawn.

Above it I have chosen to display 
a picture in black and white given to me by my sister.
This creates the 
perfect sophisticated look above our piano.