Gray Whales Unit

Studying Whales?

or maybe you are just planning on getting your kids 
to know some facts about these amazing mammals?
Here is a great unit in which you will have your class read 
while visualizing through all the amazing photos and graphics
as they learn about Gray Whales.

This unit can also go with any stories on whales or ocean life.
The reader or book that I have provided with this unit 
is straight forward, tailored for elementary school children 
and has bold font and bright pictures.

What is so unique about these units?

Each one of my units are different. Some will come pack with
lap books and other with interactive notebooks.
No interactive notebook or lap books has the same layout or 
You may find some similarities but they are all different.
No other unit has the same layout so each one is done in 
detail making sure it provides a good size font and overall 
display to catch the eye of the reader.

Included in this download.

Once your class is done with the reader they will add to their interactive notebook
all the inserts and review what they have learned.
This can be done two ways:

1. You may have your class come up with the answers.
2. Use the answer sheet I have provided as a guide to help your students.

By creating an entry in the interactive notebook you will have your class 
review what they have learned in an organized matter.

More on Interactive Notebooks

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