Crustaceans Unit of Study

So, we have started learning about Crustaceans
 this week and this reader has come in handy. 

Filled with great photos like the one you see below
your kids will learn a lot about this amazing Animal Kingdom.

A reader will explain in detail the body parts, diet, molting process,
reproduction, life cycle and even breathing mechanism.

Download This Unit Here

Here is a closer look at the unit as we are working on it in 
our homeschooling.

What will you Need to Complete this Lap Book?....

You will need a 1 file folder to complete the lap book in this unit.
Instructions will be provided for you upon download.

This is a very simple layout you will have your kids do 
really fast.

Lap Books are a very hands on activity
and you will have your kids keep all they know in a one file folder.

Here is a closer look at the reader and lap book pages