Visiting Jamestown

Visiting Jamestown is one the must do experiences you will have on your list when you have kids.
Our experience started at the museum where they have a homeschool program.
Here is Daniel with his first raccoon.

Visiting in winter is nice. 
I suppose it has its ups and downs.
Obviously the weather.
But if you can handle cold.
This is the best time to go as there are not many people and you will be able to enter and walk about 
at your convenience.

As you can see there is not many people and we really liked that. 
We traveled in January so these months are great for our family.

Kids can still get a great historical overview inside each house.
They can learn how the first settlers built the fort and kept warm in the winter time.

So nice, Daniel was able to wear an Armour just like a Jamestown soldier.

By the walls of the fort

In Black and White

Inside the church in black and white

The walls of the fort