Visiting Tulum in Mexico

If you are into Yoga or want to see a great beach and ruins at the same time.
This is the place.

Not only do you get to walk through the ruins but also admire and take a swim at Tulum beach.
I would rate this beach as the most gorgeous one of all.
Even though Tulum in Mayan means the stinky place, there is no bad smell here.
During the rainy season it is closed so that is obviously why it has this name.

If you do not have a lot of time to visit Mexico this is one with all in it.

The ruins are spread apart and you can have a guide to help you out with the history.

Things to Remember

Bring sun block, hats, glasses and water.
Wear comfy shoes and bring beach wear.
If you are traveling in a group pack light as you will walk a lot. 
Also do not leave anything inside your van.

You will encounter along the way lots of iguanas.

This is Tulum Beach behind us.
White sand and very blue color water.

Behind us you can see the stairs into the beach.
That is the only way to get there.

More ruins

This wall divided the city of Tulum. It is still standing.