Visiting Mexico and Yucatan

If you visit Mexico. 
The worst months would be June through August
Because of the heat and weather.
Besides some attractions might close such as Tulum

We visited in three days and were able to do a lot.
well planning and rising early will help you get the most of your stay.

Tips before traveling

Water bottles
Sun glasses
Sun Block
Good comfy shoes

Also bring anything you can fit in your book bag and do not leave in any van 
That is if you decide to go on a group trip.

Three languages are spoken in Mexico


Tips for any abroad travel

Even if you keep passports safe please always make a copy of each one of them.
And keep it with you at all times.

Our Hotel Stay

We highly recommend to stay in Playa del Carmen HM Hotel
It was very close to the beach (walking distance) and very clean.
Believe me!! That is very important for us.
It is also two blocks from fifth avenue, but, without the noise of the shopping centers.


Breakfast is included.
The breakfast was great for our son and family.
Very american in nature. You can have your own omelet made to your liking.
Lots of fruits, cereals, breads and even smoothies.

We had a great breakfast everyday and felt full and energized for our adventures.


Even though we had no time to use it.
It is very convenient and great in size for our liking.


Very nice to weather temperature. 
It was also very well maintained and they were cleaning chairs outside on a daily basis.

Take a look at the Hotel Pictures

There is more to this trip than just beach and margaritas.

By the pool

The pool is the first thing you see when you come in the hotel

Playa del Carmen

As you walk closer to the beach from your HM Hotel you will be able to see a series of shops
Also the big chain of hotels.

From Playa del Carmen

You can visit the shops at Fifth Avenue

Also you can take the ferry to Cozumel Island.

More of Mexico Pictures!!!

Here are some pictures of the City and all of the places we visited in these three days.

In Mexico you will find a lot of Spanish influence. Specially in the cities.

The churches are very Spanish in design

In the parks you can walk around and even buy some churros

Things to do in Mexico