Ancient Mayan Civilizations Lap Book

Working on our Ancient Mayan Lap Book and Activity Pack.

We started this unit after a trip to Mexico.
We were able to take a few tours to the Mayan Pyramids. 

This helped my son have a better understanding 
of the Mayan culture in ancient and current times.

Besides visiting the City in itself, we also went to Yucatan.
There, we visited beaches and more Mayan ruins.
We were able to see the current life style of Mexico and culture.

As well as the Mayans nowadays. We also visited some Mayan schools
to learn how the kids were still learning their native traditions and language.

For my son, it was a very unique experience.
Same said, for all of our family.

I gathered a lot of pictures and information to complete this unit of study.
I truly think is very complete and has a lot of hands on activities for your kids
to feel as if they were traveling to Mexico without leaving the classroom.

Some Pictures of Our Homeschooling Day

I was able to buy this calendar in clay. Not so realistic as the once I saw.
I wanted to have something from Mexico that would remind us of our trip and this amazing culture.

Getting some writing on our picture at Chichen Itza.

I was also able to purchase some Mayan writing to help my son
write in Mayan language and draw some of the hieroglyphs.
These were done by the Mayans themselves and that made it unique and special for us.

About This Complete Unit of Study

Reader Title Page

A Comprehensive Reader

In this colorful reader your kids will learn about the Ancient Mayans,

Comprehension Questions

Kids will answer questions about what they have read. Reading comprehension will take them
into writing using proper punctuation and sentence structure.

A Lap book for your kids to showcase their learning.

Kids can complete this lap book either individually or in a group. 
This is excellent to have a class presentation on the Mayan culture.
Every group can present different parts of the lap book.
Inside the lap book, kids have to come up with complete paragraphs about each title of the mini books.

I truly hope you all enjoy learning about the Ancient Mayans 
hope to bring to each and one of the classrooms out there a little bit of our homeschooling magic.

A view at some of the lap book's inserts