All About Raptors Unit

I bring to you a great unit on raptors that we are using in our Homeschooling
We are learning about vertebrates and these few weeks we have started with birds.

You will love this Informational text with bold colorful pictures 
as well as great graphics of raptor birds.
Have kids write about the bird they learned and color

Lots of coloring so your kids can learn as they watch or hear you read about Raptors

We are using this along with my big Growing Bundle of Birds Unit

Sea Shore Birds (reader and comprehension questions plus activities)
Pelicans (just a lap book)

Great price for all units as usual and child proof.
Your kids will love them as they get hands on to complete them.

If you would like to try some of my units please visit my store
 to download some free lap books.

Thank you and Enjoy!!!