The Circulatory System Lap Book

Learning about the Circulatory System?

You will enjoy this
complete unit with a reader that will have your class complete
comprehension questions and a lap book.

The reader compresses the most important things kids should know about the Circulatory System.

Topics inside the Reader

The Heart
Arteries and Veins
Aorta and Vena Cava
The Heart Beat
Systole Phase
Diastole Phase
Coronary Arteries
The Blood
Types of Blood
Blood Cells
Anatomy of the Heart
Comprehension Questions

Lap Book Topics

The Heart
Blood Cells
Blood Types 
Facts About The Heart
What is good for the Heart?
The Human Heart Chart
A Human Body Arteries and Veins Body Print Out
Veins versus Arteries
Vocabulary words
The Circulatory System
What are Capillaries?
Heart Beat
Cut and Glue Heart Activity
Title Page

This is great for kids that can read well and can do notebook pages on this topic.
For example upper elementary grades or really advance lower elementary grades.

How to use this Unit?

This Unit can be used as a review for already learned material
You may also use it as complementary material with any other unit.

We use it as a stand alone unit for our Home Education program.

What about the Reader?

Done with bright and colorful pictures.
Large print that makes it look easier to the reader.
The Reader also includes comprehension questions on every topic learned.

What about the lap Book?

The Lap book will be the last thing your kids get to do.
This will showcase their learning and will help them review.

You may use the reader as an individual project or in a group project as well.

More Pictures of this Product

In this lap book your kids will have a 3D activity that will help them
better understand where the heart is on the human body.

Detailed instructions on how to complete this lap book are on your download.
You will also get a bit human body that will fit on two 8X10 pages that will 
show your kids how veins and arteries run through the body.

You may also use this as a separate activity or just as a poster.
Just print on card board or even laminate it.

Also here are some extra videos I found online that will help you teach this unit to perfection.

Online Learning Resources