Alice in Wonderland Lap Book

Since we are working on the Civil War.
We have decided to look into this book.
It was written during the Civil War Time and like Narnia it is a fairy tale story during war time.

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This Lap Book comes full with graphics based on the story of Alice in Wonderland. 
Where everybody makes no sense but Alice. 

We have used the book Junior Classics for Young Readers retold by Lewis Carroll.

Since there are many different retold versions of this book I have taken the liberty of narrowing the most
important parts of the book and make them mini books for you kids to complete this lap book.

Details of the Topics inside this Lap Book

The Queen's Crochet Ground
Who Stole The Tarts
The Game
Royal Soldiers
Decorations to add to your lap book if you wish
The Lobster Quadrille
The Gryphon and the Mocking Turtle
Vocabulary Words
At the Duchess' House
A Mad Tea Party
An Invitation
The Cheshire Cat
Advice from the Caterpillar
Perfect Size
A Caucus Race
A Pool of Tears
A Little Bottle
Big Alice
The Golden Key
Down the Rabbit Hole
A Rabbit's House
A Long Tale
The Hatter
Characters of the Story
Title Page

Here are some other pictures of the Lap Book

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