Story of The World Activities

Are you using this great book?

I wonder.
It has so much information that it is overwhelming.

It has become our companion and night reading as a family.

Here are some pictures of the lap book I made for the 
entire book and some additional
activities you might find useful to add to your home education program.

You will find lots of good activities.
Most of them repetitive.
The reason why is because we used them on different days just to review old units as memorization.
I find this very useful.
You can browse through them and use them all or just whatever you need.

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 More will be coming as we complete each chapter.
Please check on a weekly basis.

Activities Home Made Style and with Love. 
Elementary School Level.

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Reading Comprehension questions.

Give me those freebies Now!!! 

Note booking Pages

Flashcards with bright pictures and dates.
Blank in the back for your kids to write the most important things they remember of each chapter.

Take a Video Tour 360 degrees into this Moby Dick Lap Book Now

Download Lap Book Now

Coming August 2016

Inside this Lap Book there will be lots of pictures and activities.
Each mini book come with inner inserts to add more content to each chapter of the book.
Also there will be extra booklets for a more complete assessment of each chapter.

A Day with our Story of the World Unit