Robinson Crusoe Lap Book.

It was once said that 

"True creativity often starts where language ends" 

I believe this to be true.
Art and learning should always be together.

What better way to get your kids into classic literature
 than to 
have them complete their comprehension with a lap book.
Not just a plain black and white lap book.
One that would make a statement and expand on their creativity.
This lap book goes beyond just cutting and pasting mini books into place.
It is crafty
It is fun
and it is doing all of that while having your kids write about 
 most significant parts of this great book.

About This Lap Book

The Lap book has no answer key. 
Your kids will always have to either re read or remember what to write about in each mini book.
Because most books about Robinson Crusoe out there are from different editors
and revised by different authors.
I have decided to select the most important sections in the book.

Details about this Lap Book

Mini Books inside will touch on the following topics
My Voyage
As Time Passed By
Robinson's Diet
Exploring The Island
Building a Home
Home Again
A Sailor's Life
Stormy Seas
Surviving Alone

What is included in this Lap Book?

All digital crafty paper is included in this lap book.
Video tutorial link to completing your masterpiece.

What is not included in this Lap Book?

Obviously to achieve the distress look on your lap book you will need
to come handy with a few techniques. 
This is part of incorporating art into learning.
However, if you are not a crafty person. Do not worry.
In my video tutorial I explain in detail how to achieve this look.
It is very simple.

Please Read below for more instructions on how to achieve the distress look on our lap book.

Front of our Book

Instructions on getting the Distress Look on this lap book

For this lap book I used Jim Holtz distress ink 
(black soot and vintage photo)
You may use any other ink you like.

Have your kids ready with a cotton ball and dip it into the ink.
Slowly have them run through the corners in circular motions.
Then, have them tap as well on top of the mini books for a more unify look.
They can repeat this until they get the look they want.

You are done.

The Inside of our lap book nearly completed.
You may see some mini books do not have titles yet.

I simply love doing this project and we are having lots of fun this summer.

I truly hope you all get the same enjoyment in crafty this great book.

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