Fungi Lap Book

 A whole unit based on the kingdom of fungi. All there is to know about fungi.
As your students read this unit they will encounter comprehension questions and activities.
Also once they are done with this portion they will engage into making a lap book.
To showcase their learning about fungi. 

More pictures of our Reader.

Inside the Reader

Kids will learn where fungi live, how they reproduce, why they are important for the environment. how they live in symbiosis with plants and much more.
Also they will read the story of Alexander Fleming and Penicillin.
The reader comes packed with fun quotes and also bright colorful pictures of fungi.
Kids are also asked to compare plants and fugi.

Classical Conversations 

If you are using Classical Conversations this will be covered during Week 2
while your kids are learning about the 5 kingdoms of living things.

We have decided to move learn more about it so, it is something you can add to your teaching
during Classical Conversations.

Inside the Lap Book

Characteristics of Fungi
Types of Fungi: Molds, Mushrooms, Yeast
Fungi as Medicinal Purposes
Fungi as a Food Source
Plant versus Fungi
What are Fungi?
Where does Fungi Grow?
Facts About Fungi

What will you need in order to complete this project?

One manila file folder
Glue and a book on Fungi to complement your teaching.

On your download you will be getting answer inserts to add inside each mini book.
There are photos of fungi and plants to help your kids compare.

In this download I have also included............

A Mini Book your kids will create to retell what they have learned about Fungi.
In this mini book the beginning of the sentence is given and they will complete the paragraph
with additional information found in the lap book.
Also they can insert any pictures they have found online
even color some mushrooms and molds.

Download This Entire Unit Now

I have also created some extra note booking pages.
These are great to complement your teaching and help memorization.

Here are some pictures of our Lap Book

Cover Page in Black and White for your kids to decorate

These are some of the inside mini books. However you will need an extra card stock or paper
to add the vocabulary words and more mini books.