All About Penguins Unit

All About Penguins Unit

Tour Inside This Amazing Unit

In this unit you will download a reader book for your kids
 to read about Penguins
With colorful photos and facts plus activities
to check their reading comprehension.

Once, your kids finish reading they are ready
to start their masterpiece.
The Lap Book

Here are some more pictures on how to put together this Lap Book.
This is included on your download as well.

You will also get a mini book you can use for your class 
to keep in their interactive notebooks.

Glue it together and you are set
This is the front closed picture of the lap book and mini book.

Looking further inside
We glued mini books but in the center we added an extra
card board paper
Tape it up top and you are set

This is the back view of the card board with the mini books

Here is another view of the inside of your lap book. 
Once you have flipped that extra card board insert.

We glued the life cycle circle in the center.
Your kids will draw the life cycle under each penguin square.
Super Cute!!!!

 I have also included a few facts for your kids to remember. 
These part is already printed for your kids.

Lap Books are great for showcasing learned material
They are hands on and will also serve well with presentations.

A look inside the Reader Book

View Activities inside this Reader