Let's go to the Opera

A Unit Study to teach your kids about Opera

"Let's Go to the Opera"

will introduce your kids to what an opera is and the most relevant composers 
that made it famous.
In this unit you will download a reader and lap book for your kids to put together.

Other Pictures of this Reader and Lap book

The picture above shows an extra hard paper insert that you will need to add.
You may tape it on top to flip up and down.

The picture below shows the lap book once you have folded in three parts your manila folder.
You may use the same order that I used or you may use your own.

Here is a preview of a lap book page (not cut)

Here is a preview of the reader and an example of the colored pictures inside it.


While you listen you may have your students complete the 

Online Useful Resources

Have the class listened to the different operatic voices