The First Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you teaching the first thanksgiving for the 100s time this year?
Me too
Here is another way to incorporate the story of Thanksgiving 
a bit different
using sight words 
This time your kids will work on the same story.
Told year after year.
with a sight word review 
of new words they have not learned yet.

In this pack you will find the following.
Ten Sight words ( before, blow, bell, above, answer, brought, alone, been, busy, both)
Write the sight word by syllables.
Write the sight word all in capital letters
write the sight word all in lower case
Write the sight word in cursive 
Write the sight word in fancy fonts
Color the sight words
Game of dice with sight words
Ten Pilgrims' hats with sight words for you to showcase as a visual.
These are in BW so your kids can color them.
Spot the sight word.
Complete the sentence.
A Thanksgiving story were you can have your kids incorporate the sight words learned.

To download this activity please click on the image below.


More Pictures on this Activity

Ten Pilgrims' Hats with Sight words to hang in your wall.
A Thanksgiving story using these sight words
Each individual sight word is repeated for memorization.

Color by sight word