Roanoke: The Lost Colony

Studying Roanoke as the Lost Colony. 
In this Pack we have added and connected to some of England's turbulent history
against Spain.

I have divided our Unit in three parts.

First the Origins of Elizabeth and her family tree
(history not included in reader)
Second Roanoke and what was happening in England
Third Spanish Inquisition

It was difficult not to have these aspects highlighted 
they are part of the reason why
England was not successful at Roanoke

I hope you enjoy this Unit as we did.

Download the  Reader
In the reader you will find 14 pages of activities about Roanoke
including the Spanish Inquisition.
If you are teaching about the inquisition then you may only decide what to include.
I have not separated it.

Details about the Free Reader

A bit about Queen Elizabeth I family tree Lap Book
Mary Queen of Scots
Sir Raleigh
Sir Greenville
John White
Sir Francis Drake
All of this in the Roanoke Lap Book

Spanish Inquisition Pictures

Roanoke's History tied to England

Spanish Inquisition Lap Book

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Here are some pictures of our completed lap book

Everything included

Title Page

A history about Roanoke

How Spain is linked to all this 

Spanish Inquisition

A Reader with comprehension questions 

Roanoke and how it ties into England at the time

More detail can be added on these mini books. You can also see the lineage of Queen Elizabeth I

Helpful Online Resources