Beavers Lap Book

Beavers Lap Book Cover Page

A lap book about beavers 12 pages long.
It does not include a lesson plan or reader.
You are to word your lesson according to your kid's grade level.

Details of mini books

A Beaver's Anatomy
Facts about Beavers
Life cycle of the beavers
Beaver's Lodges
Where in the world do beavers live
Beavers in the colony
Beavers' Diet
Beavers' Senses
Rodents like the beavers
Beavers' Lifespan
Mating season
Beavers as builders of Damps
A beavers' Features
How do beavers' damps help the environment
Words to remember
Beavers' communications
Beavers' superpower

Sample of pages you will be downloading