Human Body Nervous System

We are learning lots with this unit on the Human Body.
If you are downloading my product please view all the pictures below.

The Nervous System
The Brain and Spinal Cord

You may use my product as an interactive notebook or lap book.
I decided to go interactive notebook for this one.

The Skull is to be cut around and in the dotted line.
Glue it and inside it place the brain.
So, crafty your kids will love it.
Because we used this unit as part of our bones unit.
My son went ahead and named the skull bones.
You may also do the same.

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Interactive Notebook about the brain.

Brain Facts

Brain Stem and Spinal Cord

The Nervous System Freebies

Unit on Bones

In this unit your kids will read, complete activities, have a good laugh and all
while learning about bones.

Online Resources you might love to add

Our Bone Chart
I found this unique life size skeleton to name the bones. I have linked it below.
Hope it is helpful.