Fossils Unit Study/ Interactive Notebook

A very simple mini Unit of Study 
Perfect to introduced your kids to learning about fossils as well as 
practicing reading and comprehension

In this unit your kids will read and answer comprehension questions about the text.
I have provided very simple activities such as
Identify two types of fossils
Put the dinosaur fossil together piece by piece.

As you can see in the picture Daniel starts highlighting in the text 
important facts.

In the Ziploc bag I have already cut for him the pieces of the fossil he is about to glue.

Putting pieces of bones together as an archaeologist would.

You may also like our Interactive Notebook on Fossils.
Answer key is included on this download but it is more
fun to use this with any corresponding book on Fossils or you may also use it 
with the unit above as a review.

In this interactive notebook your kids will learn the following

Interactive Notebook Inserts

You will need a College Rule 10"by 7 7/8" notebook to make things fit perfectly.