Using Manipulatives and Math


I wish I would have learned math when I was younger with manipulatives.
 It is the way to really make kids see and handle a word problem easier.
Today we used them for multiplication and skip count.

We started with grouping and skip counted them in groups of threes and fours.
However, we then move to understanding multiplication.
We made a simple formula to follow multiplication.

 Group  X  Amount  =  Total


There is so much out there. 
But, I very often spend time in the Salvation Store looking for these goodies. 
You don't have to spend much. 
Take advantage of donations others make once their kids pass this stage.

Keeping it Hands on in a Visual World

It is very important that kids don't get lost in just the visual.
With so many computer apps out there kids are losing the sense of creating with their bare hands.

Visualization plays a very important role in this new generation of kids. 
But don't let them lose the hands on.
So try to use it to your favor when learning. 

Use positive visuals and always bring manipulatives to help them relate to their motor skills.

Our Creations

A Sunflower
A Bunny

A Star

A Bird

A Boat

A Butterfly

A Dog

A Snail

Last Part of the Class

Our last part of the day we focused on applying what we have learned to word problems.
I have made our word problems for Daniel to follow steps. This is helpful because:

  • He must follow instructions
  • Helps him memorize steps
  • Work gets done organized and faster.
  • We do not waste time in math melt downs.

If you look at the work sheet he has space for the following:

  • Draw his conclusions
  • Follow steps
  • Write a complete sentence

We finally love to do word problems