Earth Day Celebration

In our Earth Day Unit we studied air and water pollution. 
In this Unit you will get a reader and reading comprehension activities.
Also your kids will put together a cute Lap Book.

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Earth Day Booklet designed for younger kids.

More pictures of the Lap Book

Another Way you can use this Unit

You may also size your paper on your printer setting to 80% .
This will allow you to use the templates in your interactive notebooks.

Our Recycle Information part

Our interactive Notebook with pockets 

Title Page

Our Earth Day Activities

Making a Bird Feeder

Open holes on each side of the toilet paper roll and insert a thread

Add Peanut Butter all around the roll 

Roll over Bird Seeds 

Hand outside where your kids can see.

We hung ours right outside our Home School Room to check on it while learning.

Have a Happy Earth Day!!!!!!