Character Studies: Old Testament

Today in our Homeschooling we are reading Genesis and we have gone over a few character traits. I have made these character studies for Daniel to practice looking in the dictionary and the scriptures. As part of our lesson we have a picture bible that has come very handy. I bought it at a catholic church gift shop but I am sure you can find them online as well. 
It provides children short stories of the old testament in short version and gorgeous illustrations. Yesterday we were reading about Joseph and the character of Forgiveness and Honesty. 
In this pack you will have 

  • Use the Dictionary to find the meaning of
  • Verses Copy work and Memorization: Genesis
  • Questions about your reading?
  • Write about the Life of Joseph.
  • Character of Honesty: Joseph's brothers.
  • The cross and Jesus.

Depending on your child's age you can browse through magazines or newspapers and find anything that relates to honesty and have them talk about it and have a discussion on it.
Also you will find these videos very handy for the young ones to watch and they are related to this unit.