The Nervous System Part 1

Dedicating one day for Drills has been amazing. The good thing about this is that you get rid of those frustrating days when your child is not giving 100% of his ability because he is not understanding concepts well enough.
By giving them more time on that area, in which, you know they need a bit more extra time to think you are leaving those days behind. 
When it comes to Math, however, it is important to have your kids work on the clock and get fast in addition, subtraction and multiplication. Things have to be second nature for them. 

Today's Math

We have 2 hrs for Math Drills and it seems a lot but I have used online games and activities to make it fun. The time flies as you are having fun. 
Remember it is not making your kids sit through endless exercises but to make them see it as fun as possible. 

Some of the things we cover where family numbers that add up to 13 and 15. 

Addition, subtraction and multiplication drills up to table of 4.

After this we were suppose to do Ancient History but Daniel wanted to do Science really badly. 
Normally I plan Science on Sundays because I have the time to clean up the "experiment mess"afterwards but today I am off so it worked out fine for us. 

Today's Science

Today we learned about the Nervous System using some of the Notebook pages I made. We started with the Brain.  We made a brain hat I downloaded for free.
 Besides this, I had Daniel read articles online about the Brain and get to have sort of a computer day as well. 

After all computer skills are also very important to teach at an early age.

 It was a super good activity and it worked out find having Math prior as we used our brain a lot today LITERALLY........

The Neuron

The Crafty Project

And even more of that Brain........................

Labeling our Brain and makina each lobe in molding clay

Free Online Resources for this Unit Study