Simple Home School Room

I have become a fan of simplicity. 

I used to have in hand things that were not necessary and I have had these weeks of festivity to organize myself better.
 I had started in the Kitchen and ended in our rooms and closets. 
But, today the point is our Home School Room. So, I will focus on that. 

Why Simplicity?

The word explains it. 
Make your life easier in terms of finding everything and having a place for everything. Get rid of things you will not be using again. Sell books and make your room easy for cleaning and dusting.
The more empty space you have the more you will fill. Trust Me !!!

Not too Simple?

No, Sometimes people exaggerate and end up selling or getting rid of things they need.
Plan according to your room's measurements. See what fits and what doesn't.

Cheap Decorating doesn't have to look Cheap at all. 

I have a very small room so I had made the closet a computer work area some time ago. I found 4  black paper filling cabinets on sale and bought them all. 
I am using only one of the filling cabinets in this room, the rest I use to store stuff in the garage. 
But, they have become very useful in storing books and more. You can repaint them or decorate them if you like.

Buy Use Materials in Good Condition

I love reusing things others might not consider useful in their homes anymore. All the things in this room are used and I have clean and repainted. I was able to do the whole room for just two dollars under $100.

Besides these........

I have a pull out stand which I can use for presentations, a simple board. clock , table and chairs. Also used and repainted. Hanging below the board I have a handy set of cards for division and multiplication but I also use it for spelling. The cards where also a treasure I found at the Salvation Army store and in perfect condition.
They are magnetic so I can also put them on the side of my filling cabinet.

A smaller board for Daniel to use just in case and that is pretty much all.
There are still a few things we will be getting but the main things are already in place for 2015.