The World of Plants Lap Book


A Botany Lap book design for school teachers or home school parents to teach about plants. Your students will learn the amazing world of plants with colorful booklets where they can log observations, show off their artistry and expand their knowledge. A hands on lap book unit I design for my young son. 
I have learned that, through lap booking he is able to retain a lot of information and remember difficult concepts. 

There is no lesson plan included so you will have to research or be knowledgeable about plants. By having no lesson plan you can teach and word it according to your school age students. It is an extensive material but it can be separated into different lessons.

This product could be used as a Lap Book or 3D notebook to insert into Science Journals. 

Included in this product you will find:

The Leaf and Food Production
The Flower and Seed Production
Parts of a Flower
Inside the Plant Cells
Chloroplasts-Chromoplasts-Vacuoles- Cell Membrane
Types of Roots
Plant Sensibility to Gravity, Air, water and touch
Plants according to what they eat (carnivorous, epiphytes, parasites...etc)
Plant Cycle Wheel to color and glue
Types of Leaves
Types of Compound leaves
Define Botany
Observation record of how a plant grows
Parts of a plant
Answer Sheet

Please note that no resale of my product is allowed and it is copyrighted as Cristina Obregon Designs 2014.

Visit this link to see how I applied this into my home school class.