Thanksgiving Math, literacy and History Unit Study

With this lesson you will have your students coloring , counting and learning about the celebration of Thanksgiving. 
A 21 page long class which will cover the following

Thanksgiving Trivia Facts.....Did you Know?
Discuss the Role of Pilgrim and Native American Women and Men.
For this activity you will have your class cut and paste the clip arts and write in their own words the answers.
Pilgrim and Native American Boys and Girls. Discuss with your class their chores, school, games and skills and have them write down their answers.
Historical Facts about Thanksgiving. Have your class cut out the answers and glue them as they color and learn .
I deviated a little from our normal adding and subtracting and created the coloring Turkey for multiplication.

How are they the same and different in a color the Turkey Activity
I am Thankful for. Your students thoughts about being thankful
Math and Thanksgiving: Write in Ordinal numbers, Write fact families from 6-15.
Ending your class you will have the kids do a Diorama of the First Thanksgiving Feast.
I have mine do most of the coloring and have them add their own interpretation of that day and discuss with their friends.

Up close Thanksgiving Diorama not being colored.

Our Thanksgiving Diorama P.S) I hope the Tooth Fairy is looking at this picture.