Teaching the first steps in Multiplication

Teaching your kids multiplication through fun and colorful worksheets. Hands on, cutting and pasting. Because when you engage your kids all the way they will learn more effectively and will feel Math is not really that difficult after all.
When you download this product you will be getting 13 pages ($1.00)of fun skip counting and a template of the multiplication table from 2 to 5 for your kids to fill out and keep for further review and memorization.
I started my son on this when he was very young and loved it so much he is already fluent in his multiplication (age six) and loves it. It is about teaching the concept of skipping and then applying it to multiplication.
Your kids will love to skip with Mr Frog and color through the worksheets.
Learning  is not about age, it is about teaching your children to love to learn more each day.
To view this product visit my online store. To view more pictures of how I used this please follow this link
First Steps to Multiplication

This Product will reinforce Skip counting, a run through the Clock. Adding and Subtracting long equations. Also kids will review counting coins by buying toys and purses and getting change. You will be getting blank worksheets as well for you to customize. This product is on sale, a total of 9 pages ($1.00) or you can also purchase this one and the one above. Two sets of 22 pages with Math drills for ($1.50) at my online store
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