Along with Mammals we have the Reptile unit study. We started with Turtles and I have made some clip arts online but along the way we also printed a few pictures I found super online. Because turtles are all different and diverse. Later on I made a Lap Book verstion of this. 
For the lap book version I had a blank template of a turtle and your kid would have to draw it accordingly.  Super fun!!!

We also worked on Land Turtles and their characteristics. 

This is a picture of what I was able to make in the computer for our lesson on Reptiles. We inserted an accordion style booklet to log diet and habitat of Sea Turtles. We also name the parts of the Sea turtles and characteristics of Reptiles.
My Whimsical Turtle

Clip art I made for our Unit Study

Along with our Unit we read the this book. Available on Amazon but also in any public library. It is a bit long so if you child is struggling reading they will need some help with some of the words.
Library Book
These great pages I downloaded from Home school Share were they have lots of free online resources and lapbooks for home schooled children.