Math Word Problems For The Gifted First Grader

I have designed these word problems for Daniel which range from easy to complicated. Word problems are so important to introduce at an early stage as they will develop your child's critical thinking early on. I have personalized them for him but they are very engaging for any child who loves math. We cut them and add them to our Math Journal. Our Math Journal is a composition notebook in which we glue most of the problems or daily math assignments. If you have any printing problem fitting your pages into a compostition journal size. You can shrink your paper before printing to 85% and it should fit perfectly.
I have Daniel draw whatever he feels as this helps him solve his problems. so he has room between problems to draw his conclusions. It is important for children to show their work in writing step by step. 
These word problems cover basically all aspects of Math that we have worked on: addition, subtraction, multiplication, fraction and counting money.