Valentines Cards Black History Month Style

African Masks Step 1

I will have my Homeschool class do some face masks for black history month and by the way decorate for Valentines. These cards can either be done on black or white paper so the kids can decorate them.

The black paper is folded in half so you can write your Valentines Note inside.
Along with these handy masks my students will learn the African song "Che Che Koolay" and try to recognize not only rhythm but pitch on their recorders.

Che Che Koolay was my choice since it is very simple for the kids to learn the lyrics, it will get them on their feet and above all use their bodies as instruments. It is a Call and Response song and it was important for them to know how to identify these type of folkloric tunes.

Paint and Decorate with any geometrical shape

Mask is ready to use for singing and dancing to our African Song. It is very enjoyable and crafty.