Our Lazy Math Sundays

We have declared Sunday to be our Math Day. Why??? just because. We are now working on multiplication in the format shown below. Although we started on a simpler format obviously, but have moved on and what better way to keep those gray cells thinking!!!!!!

Having Fun with multiplication in the carpet

Among other things.....
I am often asked, if I have my Son dressed properly for Homeschooling????and to be honest, I am not having a problem with Daniel understanding the seriousness of our Homeschooling. I rather take a fun approach and go with the flow. I know of parents who struggle with having their kids focus and the idea of dressing them, like a school day, seems to keep that seriousness going. In my case, I do not stress over it and do keep it simple. I find teaching becomes more like a lifestyle, you can teach your kids all the time, not necessarily sitting down and abiding by the rules. We often times are driving and come across the most innocent things and that, right there, is a teaching lesson. Here is a stop sign, here is the green light. Kids have so many questions it is unbelievable the things you can teach them. The other day, we were watching the History Channel and came across the Universe, very interesting by the way, we learned so much and it was literally night and we were on bed.  So there you have it, learning, learning, learning, everyday, anytime. 
I feel, I guess, our Homeschooling is not very strict on that point as long as we are doing what we are suppose to do and not falling behind. But, most importantly, we are having fun as we are learning together.