Setting up your Space

Daniel's Classroom
Setting up your Home Space is not difficult task, you will need to keep it organize and child prove.In my case, I chose a room that has natural light and a view of our front garden. Daniel loves to look outside at the plants. We have a copier, bookshelf and a filing cabinet. Also a board , a piano for our lessons and a computer station where Daniel does his computer time.
When it comes to homeschooling, you can find a lot of used items that are in good shape and parents need to give away after their kids grow up. So not necessarily everything has to be new and out of the box. 
For example, when we started our chapter on The Planets of the Solar System we bought a used telescope for Daniel and it works perfectly. Our first mission was to check out the craters of the moon when it was full. 
Keep it simple and as your child moves from one grade to the next you can add little things here and there