Even though some parents might put off teaching Science to Kindergarten age children. It is good to know that this is a very fun age and everything becomes a learning experience. So many questions, so much to learn about. Science is everything that surrounds us and it is very important to teach about it.

Our day culminated, after spelling and mathematics in Homestead Park learning and talking,out in the open, about the water cycle and of course collecting some leave samples, for our "leave collection"
This has become a habit, we collect leaves from every where we go and keep it in a photo album as a memory of our field trips and fun days.

Learning about water Cycle and visiting Homestead Park.

While learning about Water Cycle we also decided to collect leaves for our "leave collection diary"

Pre-K Eco Systems

Learning about preserving our Beaches and Eco System.  We visited the Florida Keys "Annies Beach" and started to pick up any garbage left by visitors and cleaning the surroundings of the beach. Our Day culminated taking a well deserve swim in the beach and playing with sand. Of course collecting shells and more leaves as usual.
On a Personal Note: Daniel was very sad to know "humans" can do so much damage to the environment.

Pre K level Eco System teaching day