Numbers numbers numbers!!!

As a child I was always afraid of numbers. Math was not my thing. So, when the time came to start Little Daniel in the number world, I will be honest, I thought I could not do it. But, the beauty of teaching is that you also learn in the process, so we started with concepts. If concepts are understood, then my friend, heavens will open for you. For instance, we learned to count in twos and I remember doing a game of skipping frogs. Painting numbers on the floor and jumping every other numbers did the trick, my son loved it and memorized right away the pattern. So, that is how we learned to multiply by two. It was simple!!!!! As we learned to multiply by five, we were able to do the clock and understand it very well. We have reached the multiplication table of five and it seemed fair to let Little Daniel decide what to do next. Indeed he did!! We will learn to multiply by six when he turns six ...............and so forth which I reply...that's an excellent idea!!!!!
We started number dictation as young as three and a half. Now, we are working on learning four digits numbers.
On a Personal Note:
When learning above academic level, it is important, to break things a bit. Make it fun, painting, doing some crafty and fancy numbers on the walls, sing them in a song. Finally, if you feel it is too soon for your child, "it is ok" be patient and wait until they are more mature.